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Twelve Kinds of Students

on Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:07 am
What type of school citizen are you?

Do people know you, or do you blend with the wall?

Are you preoccupied with school or with having fun?

Here are 12 major types of college students. See where you belong.

Inconsequential - These are the types of people who smile at you and sometimes go up to you and actually talk to you. They know
Your name and everything about you - but you've never seen them in your whole life. They are classmates you never knew were your
classmates. They're just never seen and hardly ever recite. If ever they do, what they have to say is usually uninteresting. They belong
to no particular financial class.

Sipsip - Their hands are perpetually raised, ready to recite. They always sit up front and their heads automatically nod every 5
seconds to what the teacher is saying. They have endless questions, some of which they ask the teacher after class. They cover
their papers during exams and never share answers. If you ask them, "Did you study?" they will either say "No" or "Not really" but
they get the highest scores. They have one friend or none.

Provance - They usually live in the dorm because they're from the provinces. They're the ones who eat ulam for lunch with mountain of rice (3 cups usually). Their money dont fold, they jingle. They speak neither English nor Tagalog well.

Involved - They love joining the students council and cause-oriented or catechist groups. They love staging rallies. They hang around together and have lunch or snacks with a teacher/coordinator. They love wearing wooden crosses round their necks. They're musically inclined - they play the guitar during mass. If they weren't involved they become inconsequential.

Nerd - They're really nice, they are the living saints. They never cut class. They are quite (they hardly recite), but they get the highest grades in the class. They study together in a big group. They're really cool, they let you copy when the teacher isn't looking. Teachers and classmates love them - but they never get invited to parties. They usually skinny.

Sosyal - They are not necessarily rich but they act it. They have bad grades. They always cut class. They're always organizing some party or get-together and they love to pull all their names in their invitations. They're "best friends" with the nerds who help them pass. Teachers who were inconsequential love the sosyals - the friends they'd always wanted in their youth. The sosyals act chummy with these teachers whom they really hate.

Chismosa - They're the ones who always want to look at your date book, diary, or notebook to the extent of pulling it like a child if you dont want to show it. Favorite lines are "Dont tell. haaaaa!" and "Guess whose preeeeegnaaaant?!" They're very friendly if they think you have chismis. They're very paranoid that people are angry with them.

Yuckies - They are so nice, always smiling, they're disgusting. All the teachers love them and they win most of the awards in graduation. They have the smelliest ba-on in the class, usually cold meat na sumisingaw.

Kuripot - Their things are complete but usually of cheap brands. They're the once who charge five to 25 centavos for a sheet of paper - either that or they have written their names in each sheet so nobody can ask.

Baduy - They are the ones you borrow ballpens from and you never return them. They dont speak English. They're the ones who know the latest dance craze in Eat Bulaga and they usually aspire to become ROTC officers. They never get invited to parties.

Weird - People love to talk about them because they're so strange. They're usually loners because they're very picky with friends. They have friends abroad and in other schools (who are weird as well). They dont cut class, they're usually in the Deans List. They have hyper acidic stomachs because since there's no one to eat with, hardly ever do.

Happy-go-lucky - They bring the least things to school, they borrow everything they need. They always cut class, come in late. They never take notes. They hardly study but amazingly pass, they're just lazy. They always sit at the back where they talk. Teachers hate them. They go to school basically to see their friends.
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Re: Twelve Kinds of Students

on Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:32 am
I'm most probably a combination of all hahaha  lol!
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Re: Twelve Kinds of Students

on Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:45 pm
parang lahat na lang ata pwedeng nandun ako
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Re: Twelve Kinds of Students

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