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Online Threats

on Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:01 pm

Online Threats

- Application programs that are designed to steal, delete, corrupt information or destroy ICT devices and Human Actions that aims to degrade people using ICT gadgets.

Different Types of Online Threats

Phising System

- types of scam were the scammers disguise us reliable source in trying to attain private information's.
-user names
-personal information's
-credit card or bank account

Internet Scam

-a type of scam that misleads the user in many ways attempting to take lead of them. The purpose of this scam is to target personal property, cheat on using personal property.
1. Fabricated Promises
2. confidence Tricks


- a generic term of spire ware and add ware
-a malicious software disguise as a real software secretly installed intended to transfer and gather private information's.


-are software designed to capture/record users keystroke.

Viruses and Worms


- is a program design to replicate by attaching itself to other computer programs data files boot sector of hard drive and other electronics document.


-can be ejected into a network by any types of means like your flash drive or an e-mail attachment.

Cyber Stalking

-practice of the internet or other electronic resources to follow or bother an individual.


1. Fabricated Alligations
2.Detail Reports
5.Identify Thief
6.Damage to filter or paraphernalia collecting facts that may be use for bullying

Cyber Bullying

- Frequently an extension of harassment outside the internet and may yield various dissimilar behavior.
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