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The water pollution in Baguio City

on Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:01 pm
The water pollution in my hometown: Baguio City
In the beginning, Baguio city is very clean and neat. It has a lot of tree's and plants that helps our environment more freshable to breath. You can breath the fresh pine breeze in the morning, the weather is cold and coffee's are one of the best to sip while sitting and watching the wind to splash and touch the pines leafy leaves.

God has made Baguio as a well-developed and systematic city. It was all good but when people had started to establish and develop a new things like buildings, cars, technologies and machines, our society and our nature become uglier and for instance we no longer see tree's because they were cut off for the making of buildings and houses. There are cars, factories and machines that causes our air to become more populated.Hence, our water is also affected by this destruction to our society. As you can see our water before is very clean and clear. but for now you no longer see the cleanliness of our mini river and water because it was full of garbage and wastes in which it makes the water more darker. There are small animals died because of this situation, some of our lives would also be endangered if this will continue to grow. So as a result, we as a living should take an action in a faster way to eradicate this risk in our society.

In conclusion, our God had provided us a beautiful place in Baguio for us to live so we as a living should take our parts to do certain rules to maintain and develop our society to a better place.
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